About Me

Roman's Bio


OK... so David Angelo Roman  draws really cool Rick and Morty stuff... but did you know he is also a classically trained artist, having studied in Spain and Italy.  Roman began his professional career as a mural and fresco artist, with emphasis in photo-realism and illusions.  Always being a fan of comics, it was only a matter of time before he applied all his skills towards comic art.  Roman was first published with the comic book Xtreme Champion Tournament, and also created a leather variant cover for Aftershock’s hot title “Babyteeth” which was unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2017.  Currently Roman is a Rick and Morty cover artist, creating art for the Oni – Adult SwimRick and Morty comic book and the Cryptozoic trading cards.  Roman is also an artist for Star Wars, Walking Dead, and Marvel under Topps, and Upperdeck.  Most recently,  David has been contracted with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe Cryptozoic Trading Cards.

My Mediums


I use many different mediums... such as acrylics, inks, graphic markers, watercolors, and pencils.  I create my art on watercolor board/ papers, comic book blanks, and sketch cards.

My Inspiration


My inspiration first came when I saw the rough sketches of Da'Vinci.  That led me to push myself to think differently about the world I see.... but when I began to read comics, I knew what type of artist I wanted to be!